OMG I WENT DOWNTOWN FOR FIREWORKS AND THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED.  i wasnt lying when i posted the whole “firework or gunshot?” thing, shit gets real here in m-town.

so it was a super pretty night and we were by the mississippi river over looking the bridge and it was nice BUT THEN like 7 fights happened. the first one is the one in the picture and the dudes got arrested. then a group of like 40 black kids went around the corner by where we had just put down our picnic blanket and started fighting over there. then it was quiet for a couple minutes and then we heard like a round of 5 gunshots and everyone was freaking out and there was like 6 police cars, a firetruck and an ambulence, and we found out later that someone got shot. they almost cancelled the fireworks cause there was so much chaos but we waited it out and they finally happened and it ended up being a chill evening watching fireworks over the river but mannnnn it was crazy basically watching 2 of the fights happen right in front of me omf

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