Emblem3 is also Happy



5SOS and @TheChrisRand in Michigan, 18.04.14

Wes: Nashville 3/7/14



okaywesley: 3, 12, 46, 78, 96, 97 :-)

hi ily

3&12 answered
46. What are you paranoid about?
Right now- paying off shit and not being able to support myself; all the time- not being capable of loving someone enough/being able to receive love to have a normal relationship ever
78. Favourite ice cream flavour? Dude, chocolate with reeces peanut butter cup is a fav
96. Favourite actress? audrey hepburn!!11!1!!!1!! But I also like Carey mulligan, angelina jolie, chloe morretts, emma stone, wynona ryder, jennifer lawrence, idk
97. Favourite actor? Heath ledgerrrr, tom hardy, ed westwick, ryan gosling, jude law, johnny depp, and the Franco brothers

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